Design Journey

Hi, I am a designer focus on entrepreneurship, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

Daily works

I do a branding and business strategy, product development, and service design. My focus is to help a business or organisation achieving their vision towards more sustainable and purposeful solutions.

Sustainability is something that prominent in the future, it is not a choice anymore. As a designer, I approach sustainability in an organisation in a unique way towards human behaviour, organisational change, changing or increasing the customer value, circular business service and model.

Design principles

During my journey in design, I found that my identity evolves overtime. The current identity is the accumulative of my past experience and interest in social design, entrepreneurship, technology, wicked problem like air pollution and waste problem. I believe if a designer has more experience, she/he may shape a better identity. To be a great and inspiring designer of the future, I manifest my design principles within my identity. Throughout context, process, and design outcome, I came out with these principles:

My traits as a strategic designer

I am open-minded, willing to take a risk to test any possibilities to do a better process and outcome within the design process. I believe as a designer, I should be able to present the best of my idea. It is important to understand the user needs but most importantly, designer need to understand the context around the problem.

Here are my competences:


Designing the tangible object for human and its environment.


Designing how human can interact with a certain solutions in a certain complexity.


Designing a strategy to design and implement an innovation in the complex system.

Want to know more?
Explore my past project on Behance, my blog, or contact me for the latest project I have done.

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