About Me

Begin with a purpose to create a meaningful solution.

Currently, I am studying the Strategic Product Design master course from TU Delft, The Netherlands (2019-2021). Prior that, I studied Industrial Product Design in Institut Teknologi Bandung (2012-2016). The journey from being a product designer gave me a deep understanding on how a design can be more purposeful in terms of the acceptance (desirability), business wise (viability), and technology usage (feasibility).

As a designer, I always start the context from a customer/user perspective to find new opportunities solving the problem. Equipped with T-shaped thinking, the ability to have a core in-depth design strategy and process combined with general skills connecting in multiple domains, I had shown my expertise by working with the different sectors such as government agencies, NGOs, and private business.

I am passionate about social design projects and aspire to be a social innovation design expertise, working to solve humanity problem and empowering the right economic value for the people. It started in 2012. I have involved in community activities and services. Since then, I started to understand what is the purpose of my life, being a good designer for society. I draw my design and vision through my design works, which are related to inclusive design and sustainability (see my portfolio).

Born in Jakarta and raised in Bogor, I love to listen to the stories people have to tell, to find out how they negotiate their roles and relationships in life. I always find inspiration from traveling, cooking, and reading non-fiction books. If you have a same interest, let me know.

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